PREMIERE: Kim Logan - “Monday Night Soul” on Old Country For New Men

Nashville-based artist, Kim Logan released her latest EP Fresh Juice, a collaboration with The Hydramatic, and premiered the debut single "Monday Night Soul." on No Country For New Men. With her education from the Berklee College of Music, and years of the kind of hands-on learning you can only get in honky-tonks and on highways, Kim flexes a wide range of sounds and unbelievable vocals. 

On “Monday Night Soul,” Kim tells Old Country For New Men, "It was the first thing I wrote with the Hydramatic, and it came from a riff written by my guitar player Gyasi, who also produced all of ‘Fresh Juice.’  It was all recorded on a 1984 Tascam 388 system at Gyasi’s home studio in West Nashville, when I brought the Hydramatic up from Florida on tour.” 

Check out the songs below!