Brooklyn native, D.C. living, hip-hop artist, KingKLA$$ shares his eerie new single "Rackson" on THUMP, giving us the first glimpse of his upcoming self-titled EP. The EP was initially brought to the attention of THUMP with blazing recommendations from CONNECT Manager, as well as artist and producer, Joel Ford AKA Airbird.

According to KingKla$$ "Rackson was made in like two nights. This was at a time when I had given up on physically writing and would write entire songs in my head. it was a chill process that didn't really feel like a process. We basically sat down found a beat, smoked a j, and in its culmination we had a song. A song I don't even know where I got the lung capacity to record." Check out the track below and head to THUMP to learn more on KingKla$$.