Jaye Bartell// Photo: Via Facebook 

Folk artist Jaye Bartell shares a new song called "Tuesdays" on FLOOD Magazine. The song can be found in his upcoming album 'Light Enough,' which comes out 4/29 via Sinderlyn. Light Enough will be Bartell's third full-length album and first album since relocating to Brooklyn, New York. Much of the inspiration behind the the album can be said to come from Jaye's nomadic lifestyle after having lived shorts periods of time in the Pacific Northwest, Asheville, Buffalo, back to Asheville, and then finally settling in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. “Resettlement is an implicit theme in much of the writing," Jaye tells FLOOD, "and the process of making the album itself was an act of resettlement, finding out where I lived as a means of coming to live there." Head to FLOOD Magazine to stream "Tuesday" and catch Jaye Bartell live on a run of dates alongside Kevin Morby.