Are your eyelids drooping? Are you on a no-caffeine kick and hating yourself? Look no further. Click play on this week's playlist and you'll be well on your way to bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time.

"Dim The Lights"

by CREEP feat. Sia

CREEP is our favorite trip-hop duo and their twinkling anthem "Dim The Lights" (featuring the lovely Sia) will perk you right up.


by Coral Bones

These synth-pop pros have an EP coming out next month. This bright little ditty premiered in The Wild Magazine a couple days ago!



Get lifted by EVVY's gorgeous voice and the self-described "ethereal swag".

"Back In The Day"

by Ogden Payne

Now that you're awake, get off your butt and dance along to Odgen Payne's neo-soul flow.

"Don't Wait Your Turn"

by Ben Browning

Ben Browning (Cut Copy's bassist) will dazzle you with some synth magic. 

"Kiss Like"

by Jack Berry

Jack Berry's killer pipes and gritty guitar riffs will wake you right up. 


"Good Touch"

by Good Graeff

Good Grief! This song has the perfect amount of pep.


by WIld Sons

Who needs a double shot of espresso when you can have these pop pros serenading you?

"Where It's At"

by Ella Rogue

This soulful hip hop up and comer's flow will give you no choice but to dance. 

"Pick & Roll"

by Bruce Smear

Bruce Smear's wonky electro production will throw you into a dizzying daze.

Listen and wake up!