Photo Credit: Fernando Menechelli

Chicago native Olivia Eigel of Wolvereen may only be 17,but this rocker girl has already checked off some pretty dope triumphs off her bucket list--performed at Lollapalooza, toured with Lissie, rocked out at Warped Tour, and was in the youngest band (Purple Apple) to headline the Metro in Chicago. Olivia's off to college now, and she's making a few changes--her new music project is Wolvereen, and three talented Brooklyn-based guys have joined her to help fill out her new sound.

Olivia's latest single "Seventeen" is a tribute to her last days of being a teen and making the most of the summer before entering the real world. Olivia's glory days are just getting started, and we're excited to see what happens next. Click HERE to read up on Wolvereen and preview her single "Seventeen" on Paper Mag