Summer's Here

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

Slide into summer with some hot tracks from our CONNECT artists.

Track List:

"Islands" by The Electric Sons

Close your eyes, listen to this track, and drift off to your very own "Island" getaway!

"Good Touch" by Good Graeff

Good grief! With chill guitar riffs and a catchy melody, it's hard not to feel the summer vibes from this track!

"Beauty" by Wolf Colony

Kick back and relax to these smooth beats and dreamy vocals!


It'll be hard to pay attention to anything else once you hit "play"!

"Islands" by We Were Lovers

Headphones? Check. Swimsuit? Check. Sunscreen? Check. "Islands"? Check.

"101" by WALLA

Get those L.A. highway drive vibes going with WALLA!

"Soul Glow" by Thomas Mudrick

Get a little beachy with this floaty, easygoing track.

"Lazarus" by The Dead Heavys

Feeling a little down from the summer heat? Get revived by this upbeat, driving jam by The Dead Heavys.

"On The Run" by Bride and Groom

Stay put for a little while and get a taste of the folkier side of summer!

"Money Can't Lie" by Camel Power Club

You'll definitely want some mint lemonade to go along with this fresh new track.