Girls Rule The World

CONNECT is welcoming new artists every day, and we've had so many phenomenal females join us. These ladies bring everything from booming electro to soothing ballads. Prepare to be mesmerized. 

"Hemisphere" by Gavin Turek and Tokimonsta

Gavin's our go-to for sexy disco vibes. Her voice is sonic perfume.

"Down" by Cammie York

"Down" is an upper through and through. 

"Do You Like That?" by Lena Fayre

Lena's heartbreak-inspired music is simultaneously hopeful and defiant and downright irresistible.  

"Welcome to Love" by Young Ejecta

Ethereal x 1,000,000,000.

"Heavy Shoulders" by Trace

Get lost in Trace's heavy synth-driven haze.

"Miss Me" by Madison Shea

Madison's voice is the sweetest.

"Paradisium" by AlliE and Ivy

Don't even try to resist dancing to this one.

"Whatchu Want" by Vinita

Vinita's music has all the attitude you could possibly want, and more.

"Just A Memory" by Savannah Berry

Savannah's sweet voice is hard to forget!

"Bad Boi" by Idyll

Let Idyll take you to the dark side with their velvety synths and come-hither lyrics.