What Happens When I Submit My Shows to CONNECT Songs?

Guess what? You’re entitled to royalties for every show you play, no matter how big or small the venue. And CONNECT Songs makes it easy for you to get the royalties flowing into your bank account. All we need from you is some patience. Now, let’s dive into how this all works…


About CONNECT Songs

CONNECT Songs, ReverbNation’s publishing arm, assists ReverbNation artists with publishing administration and royalty collection, as well as sync licensing. ReverbNation has partnered with Sentric Music, an independent music publisher, to provide our artists with personalized publishing solutions. 


Claiming Your Gigs


The Process

Once you’ve added your gigs to CONNECT Songs, they undergo a three step verification process.

- Venue Check -- We cross check the venue with the licensing information provided by PRS for Music (as the collection society in the UK) to ensure that the venue has an active license. If a license is found, we can make a claim on your behalf. If we come upon a venue that doesn’t have a license, we research the venue to see if they should have a license. If we think a venue is deserving of a licensing, we’ll pass along the info to the PRO and they’ll take care of the rest.


- Date of Performance -- Once we have an approved venue, then we have to confirm that your performance happened within the time restrictions. For smaller shows, we can usually backdate 12 months. For larger venues, we can often go as far back as three years. Basically, it all depends on the size of the venue/show and how long you’ve been registered with us.

We’re doing our best to chase down these royalties for you as fast as possible, but there’s an expiration date on this! Do your best to submit the gigs you’ve played as soon as possible after those gigs happen.

If you’re not sure about whether you can make a claim on a certain gig, just add it to your CONNECT Songs account and we’ll take a look.


- Setlist -- Next, we take a look at the songs you’ve submitted for the gigs you played. Each song is cross checked with the PRO to ensure that it’s registered with us.

Once the claims have passed these three stages, the gigs are submitted directly to the correct department of the PRO (depending on venue size and location) and they take over.


When Will I Receive My Royalties?

The average time it takes between the time you submit your gig claims and when royalties start flowing into your bank account is 6-9 months. Royalties from shows at larger venues and festivals can take anywhere from 9 to 24 months.


Why Does This Take So Long?

At most collection societies, smaller venues (ex. bars) pay a set license fee to the PRO, and claims gigs played at these venues have a flat fee regardless of the length of your set. So, claims for these smaller venues can be processed quickly and paid out sooner.

Major venues and festivals work on a different timeline. In most cases, they pay a percentage of their box offices returns to the PRO to cover their license. These venues have more details to work out for their PRO, and their licensing benchmarks can be monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually depending on their size and the number of live shows they host. These timelines will affect how long it takes for you and your fellow artists to receive royalties. Once the venues pay for their licenses, the PRO will hand over your royalties per song that you play.

As we mentioned before, you will receive a flat fee for performances at smaller venues. There are more factors to consider at larger venues and festivals, including ticket price, capacity and number of songs played, so the amount you receive for these gigs will be different every time.


How Does This Work for International Claims?

The processes are similar in that it involves verification of venue, date/time and set list. We format the claims to fit the needs of the specific performing rights societies in question and then send them off.

International claims take an average of 12 to 24 months to come through, so be sure to add the shows you played abroad asap after the fact so we can avoid delays.


When Do I Get My Royalties?

CONNECT Songs distributes royalties four times in January, April, July and October. Once your account has generated more than £40 in royalties, we’ll send you an email statement in the closest distribution month and you’ll be able to provide your bank details for payment.

We hope these explanations will help you as you navigate the claims process. If you have other questions about CONNECT Songs, check out their FAQs or contact them directly.