Songs That Make You Want To Kick Ass At The Gym


National Ice Cream Day and National Junk Food Day happened. Now it's time to sweat it all off. Press "play" and get your adrenaline game on.

"Frontline" by Gavin Turek

Catch disco fever from Gavin Turek and start your workout. 

"Where It's At" by Ella Rogue

Get your heart rate going with Ella Rogue's come-hither voice and booming beats.

"Make Love" by Ellis Bailey

Ellis Bailey's "Make Love" will make your heart rate skyrocket.

"I'm a Machine" by Glass Lux

Take a dance break with Glass Lux's disco-infused "I'm A Machine."

"Cruel Daze of Summer" by Julien-K

Take Julien-K's advice and "don't tell me what you're running from." Just keep running.

"Stay With Me" by Monogem 

Switch gears with a charming dream pop ballad by Monogem.

"Nite Legs" by Oulipo

Lengthen your stride with Oulipo's "Nite Legs."

"Tell Me What You Know" by Kármán Line

Kármán Line's daring lyrics and swelling beats will propel you into high gear.

"Circle Down" (Keljet Remix) by AYER

AYER's swooping synths and kicky beats will help you cool down.

"Dream" by Autograf

Bask in your workout afterglow with some beachy synths and soulful words from Autograf.