Start Your 4th of July Weekend Off Right With These Summer Anthems

Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

Summer's in full swing, and 4th of July weekend is here! We're celebrating our Independence with great anthems from some of our CONNECT Artists. We can't get enough of these songs and the artists who wrote them. Grab some sparklers and turn up your speakers!


Track List

 "Glory" by Eikon  

Bask in Eikon's "Glory." Think of it as your prescription for pure euphoria.

"Solvey" by Solvey 

Chill out with Solvey's dreamy lyrics and kicky drumbeats.

"Supernova" by Wild Sons  

"Let your soul shine out / you make my heart pound / with your technicolor love" *swoon*

"Cheers" by Lindsay Perry  

Lindsay Perry and her sultry voice deserve a big toast!

"Leave This City" by Kink Ador 

Get out of town, and take Kink Ador with you.

"Running out of Face" by

Forgotten Species  

Dance your face off with Forgotten Species.

"Loud and Clear" bY 

The Rocketboys

These boys are anthem-making experts. Get lost in their earnest lyrics and rick rock vibes. 

"Dream" by Autograf

This tropical ditty is Autograf's first ever original song, and it's just the dreamiest.

"A New America" by

American Pinup  

Contemplate your freedom with some help from American Pinup's raucous rock anthems.

"Superstitions" by Misun 

Misun's psychedelic electro-pop pairs well with fireworks!


Happy Independence Day! Go forth and barbeque!