Save it For A Rainy Day

Photo courtesy of Tumblr:

Photo courtesy of Tumblr:

Curl up with a mug of something hot and press play as the rain comes down outside.

"Together Alone" by Hollie April

April showers bring May flowers, but Hollie April brings some soulful rock to your rainy day.

"Pity Party" by Kevin Herig

This jam will remind you not to throw a "pity party"  even when the weather brings you down.

"Dote on You" by Fearne

Imagine spending your rainy day being doted upon by this British folk trio.

"Lost in Paris" by Josh Savage

Get lost in these dreamy vocals and smooth, building melodies.

"Who Will Love Me" by Jerome Holloway

The pitter-patter of the rain will really set the mood for this somber folk song.

"Only the Young" by Kayleigh O'Connor

This track will bring a more electric vibe to your rainy day experience.

"Still Life" by Hollow & Akimbo

Hollow & Akimbo will brighten up the grey outside with their catchy riffs and simple yet upbeat drums, 

"We Can" by Jesse Ruben

You can get through this storm with the help from Ruben and his cheerful acoustic jam.

"The First Time" by Matt Kivel

The first time you enjoy a rainy day is when you spend one listening to this song.

"I Don't Want You To Leave" by Sammy Brue

Don't leave, stay for one more song and enjoy.