Kármán Line, Avi Sic, Bruce Smear, Eagle I Stallian, ACIDIC Featured on the Reverbnation Homepage This Month

This month we have 5 CONNECT artists featured on the homepage. Check out their tracks and write ups here for the next two weeks.

This electronica rock group has been working hard since November to put out their new EP. With the help of Adrian Bushby (Foo Fighters, Muse), Kármán Line has put together a four song EP with release dates spread out over the course of the summer. Music gurus PopMatters did a recent feature of their latest summer dance single " Tell Me What You Know". Don't miss these London natives as they drop a new song on the first day of each month.

This Chicago based DJ has a jam packed summer full of events around the city. As a driving force in the club scene, you won't want to miss this former KISS FM and iHeart Radio DJ spin some sweet remixes. 

Tommy Davidson aka Bruce Smear is getting some well deserved press around his new track "Pick & Roll". Vice's Noisey profiled him in a feature last month, and the music video was selected by Vimeo as a staff pic. Stay tuned for more!

This hard rock turned EDM duo Eagle I Stallian is taking the electric dance scene by storm. The Montreal natives recently released "Connection Made", and immediately it began to gain some friction. Shortly following its release, the dreamy dance single was featured on YourEDM at the beginning of the month.

Following the release of their third album, this indie rock quartet departs for their "2015 Hot Summer Creatures Tour" on July 12 in Farmington, NM.  With an loyal fan base and unending onstage energy, these Southern California natives have a lot happening for them in the near future!