Annie Girl and the Flight, Eikon, Dax, Carmen Beautay & Mike De'Cole Featured on ReverbNation's Homepage

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.01.04 AM.png

Some of our CONNECT artists are gracing ReverbNation's homepage this week and next! These artists have amassed an impressive amount of new releases amongst the four of them.

Mellow dream rockers Annie Girl & The Flight are getting ready to start their tour with Against Me!, and they'll be releasing their newest EP this summer. Electronic Gospel duo Eikon just released their newest EP Human yesterday. Dax's catchy alt-rock sound is lighting up shows on A&E, Bravo, VH1 and MTV. Pop songstress Carmen Beautay just released a music video for her recent single, "Can You Handle It." And Mike De'Cole just released his newest EP, So It Was Written, this month. 

Congrats to this bunch!