Weekly Playlist: One Is Not The Loneliest Number

There's no shortage of killer soloists in CONNECT. This week, we're showing off just a few of these one-man/one-woman acts.

"What Are You Waiting For"

by Vienna

Vienna (LEADER) copy.jpeg

First off, we have Vienna. This 18 year-old is wise beyond her years, and her newest single "What Are You Waiting For" packs a heart-wrenching punch. The FADER and Billboard can vouch for her.


"I Cried My Guts Out"

by Low Volts

Tim Lowman aka Low Volts is a killer one-man band.


"In The Night" feat. Jo Lampert

by Lauren Flax

Lauren Flax copy.jpeg

Lauren Flax is a true triple threat--she's a musician, producer and DJ. In her solo project, she crafts trip-hop and house beats, and it's delicious.



by Gavin Turek

Two words: Disco Queen.


"I Don't Want You To Leave" 

by Sammy Brue

Sammy's our favorite little Americana wunderkind. He played our CMJ showcase just a couple of weeks ago, and we can't stop thinking about his glowing performance.


"Dancin' With The Devil"

by Lindsay Perry

This sun-kissed goddess surfs as well as she sings--perfectly!


"Whole Of Me"

by Jerome Holloway

This soulful folk crooner recently did a live session at Audiotree!



by Max Jury

Max Jury will melt your heart in two seconds flat.



by Jaye Bartell

Singer Songwriter Jaye Bartell's haunting folk vibe is positively enchanting.