Our favorite Atlanta boys, The Electric Sons have released their dazzling EP 'Golden Age', and CONNECT is premiering it to the world on! 'Golden Age' melds vibrant, soaring power ballads with infectious hooks and electronic grooves, forming one magical indie pop production. 

Golden Age EP was a crazy process," the duo tell PureVolume, "Basically, we had a whole other EP finished and we decided to scrap almost all of it. We were just doing some end-of-EP writing,small things like interludes and stuff when both "Reappear" and "Golden Age" just showed up. They were so different from the rest of the finished tracks that it didn't make sense to include them. But after looking everything over , we knew those two tracks were the direction we wanted to follow. So we threw the rest away and started all over.It was scary--we'd made a promise to people to have something out but we knew we wouldn't be satisfied if we didn't chase down the rest of this new EP."

Take a listen to "Into The Night", the first track off the 'Golden Age' EP, and head over to to stream the EP in its entirety.