Weekly Playlist: Stress Relief

We don't know about you guys, but we're in need of some stress relief after all the excitement of CMJ last week. Join us for sit-back-and-relax mode and take a listen to ten of the chillest tunes in CONNECT right now. 

"Heavy Shoulders"

by Trace

Feel like you're carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Trace feels your pain.



by Camel Power Club

Take a load off and listen to Camel Power Club's new laid-back single.



by The Royal Foundry

TheRoyalFoundry_Original copy.jpeg

Lay your tired head down somewhere comfy and listen to this tender ditty by one of our favorite alt-folk duos.


"Throwing Stones" 

by Empathy Test

Empathy Test's dreamy electro-pop will help you kick your worries to the curb.


"Wait And See"

by Monogem

"Let me be, I am dreaming" = the best motto for stressless living.



by The Morning Birds

Photo Cred:  Jonie Millhouse

Photo Cred: Jonie Millhouse

Get lost in the gentle waves of The Morning Birds's psych rock.


"Live in Grace"

by Megafortress

Grace > stress.


"No Need To Say" 

by Sample Answer

This track is chill X 1,000.


"The Part They Don't Tell You"

by Emily Hackett

photo cred: Sarah Barlow

photo cred: Sarah Barlow

Emily Hackett's somber lullaby will pull you out of your head and into hers.


"Tell the Falling Sun"

by KaiL Baxley

KaiL Baxley's crooning will make you forget what stress even is.